Effective product protection through innovative coatings and testing services

Do you need customised active interfaces to effectively mitigate the risks of microbial contamination?
Are you having trouble guaranteeing biocompatibility and interaction with target tissue cells using your current products or materials?
Facing difficulties assessing the risks of microbial contamination of your products?

We provide a patented tailor-made or catalogued coating, including antimicrobial and antiviral formulations, as well as a range of tests, such as contamination, antimicrobial and antibiofilm, in vitro tests

  • Intended for companies, research laboratories, medical device manufacturers, industrial or academic research
  • Advanced nanotechnologies in active interfaces preventing contamination and infection
  • Enhance product performance and research outcomes

Testing services

Characterisation of your product under catalogue or tailored conditions 

Coating services

Catalogue or tailor-made coatings using our patented technology

Coating+ services

Long-term partnership and licensing

A comprehensive range of tests and coatings

  • Surface protection tests for specific products and environmental conditions with appropriate pathogens, analysing the risk of product contamination and providing viable solutions
  • Options for catalogue coatings set by our expertise or tailor-made coatings tailored to your specific needs

Supporting you in the development of your product

We offer long-term co-development opportunities, customising your products as you require by incorporating our patented technology to industrialisation

"spartha|SHIELD+ is a great innovation allowing surface protection, applied to CAVI-T our intranasal epistaxis solution"